Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile. Confidence. Happiness.

Cosmetic Dentistry Decatur GA

Are you ready to absolutely love your smile? Engage with confidence in conversations and actually be excited to meet people in new social settings. Whether you want a bigger, brighter, aesthetically pleasing smile for business or personal reasons, “cosmetic” is truly a superficial term, because there is nothing more sincere than becoming more confident and open with yourself and those around you. A beautiful smile opens opportunities and experiences which were previously closed because let’s face it, if you don’t like the way your smile appears, you aren’t going to feel great, or want to smile as often.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Process in Decatur, Georgia

1) 🔎 Initial Consultation

We do not want to waste patients time filling out endless forms, however we understands how critical it is to actually identifying what is wrong with the patients smile, and the best course of action to move forward effectively. This is done through a thorough audit of the patients health and dental history.

2) 🤝 Patient Doctor Agreement

With the patient’s best interest in mind, the Dr. will recommend treatment options based on the initial consultation. Some may only require Teeth Whitening, Orthodontics (Braces), whereas others might be more extreme, requiring Implants, Dentures, Bridges. The main point to consider during this step is understanding nothing moves forward without your input and consent. A course of action is agreed, whether it takes place over 1 session, or scheduled for repeat procedures or maintenance.

3) 😷 Action (Procedures)

The day has arrived and you are now all set. You will be greeted warmly and handled with dignity, care and respect. Armed with personal knowledge of your medical history, mouth, and goals, the Dr and his team begin fixing your smile, gently and effectively.

End Result: Your Most 😁 Beautiful Smile Possible

Congratulations! Investing in yourself is one of the most kind acts of compassion you can do, let alone mentally and financially. Your best you is unlocked as you fixed your over-bite, under-bite, discolored, yellow teeth, missing teeth, or whatever laundry list big or small you may or may not have. Your smile can be enhanced, and you’re worth it. No one is helpless and no one is perfect. We absolutely look forward to meeting you, learning more about you, and seeing your new smile in the mirror. Serving patients proudly throughout Decatur and surrounding DeKalb County, Georgia area.

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