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Teeth cleaning is a routine part of a dental checkup, but you may not realize how important regular teeth cleaning can be for your overall health. Medical studies have shown that good oral hygiene not only helps prevent tooth loss, but can prevent heart disease, dementia and issues of diabetes, as well.

You may do a good job brushing and flossing but a dental cleaning goes below the gum line for a more thorough teeth cleaning. During a dental cleaning, Metro Decatur Dental Group PC will remove any tartar and plaque from your  teeth. This will help prevent gum disease. Gum disease can lead to serious problems with bone and tooth loss. Regular dental cleaning lets your dentist monitor your dental health because prevention is a lot easier than intervention when it comes to dental disease.

Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, located in Decatur Georgia services DeKalb county, is a big proponent of regular teeth cleaning for oral hygiene as well as overall health. As pediatric dentistry specialists, Dr. Gary Simms, DDS will ensure you receive a thorough dental cleaning as well as tips to fight plaque and tartar at home. Making dental teeth cleaning a regular habit — and setting a good example by getting your own teeth cleaning — you put yourself on a path to good oral hygiene and excellent overall health.

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