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Tooth Pain Decatur, GA
We often have patients come to our Metro Decatur Dental Group PC dental office complaining about tooth pain. Symptoms often vary widely from one individual to another. Your dentist will listen to your concerns, evaluate your condition and design a treatment plan to alleviate your tooth pain.

Common Causes For Tooth Pain
Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive teeth can cause extreme tooth pain, especially when eating hot or cold foods/drinks. For intermittent tooth sensitivity, your dentist may suggest a special tooth paste for sensitive teeth to minimize or eliminate tooth pain symptoms. Persistent tooth sensitivity that causes moderate or severe tooth pain can be a sign of tooth grinding, tooth decay or another dental problem. Your dentist will examine the tooth and create a personalized treatment plan. For tooth decay, a root canal may be necessary. If you are grinding your teeth, the dentist may make a special mouthguard that you wear at night to stop teeth from grinding.

Tooth Cavities
A tooth cavity can cause tooth pain when decay or infection reaches the tooth pulp. A root canal is the most common type of treatment for a cavity that is causing toothache. The dentist will remove the inflamed or diseased tooth pulp and seal the tooth with a dental crown. If the pain is severe and causing swelling or fever, you may have an abscessed tooth. This is a serious condition that causes infection of the tooth pulp as well as surrounding gum and possibly bone. If you are experiencing this type of tooth pain, contact our Annapolis dental office for an appointment with one of our dentists.

Jaw Pain
If your tooth pain is concentrated in the jaw or face, you may have a TMJ disorder. Tooth pain can be a result of pressure in the jaw joints and/or pressure from grinding or clenching teeth.
Pain When Chewing If you experience tooth pain when you chew or bite, you could have a cracked tooth, broken crown, or loose filling. Another cause may be a tooth cavity. Your dentist, Dr. Gary Simms, DDS will examine your condition and create a personalized treatment plan.

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