Choosing the Right Dental Practice: A Guide for Patients in Decatur, GA

A comparison between corporate and privately-owned dental practices

As the owner of Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, I understand the importance of making informed decisions when it comes to dental care. In Decatur, GA, patients are presented with two primary choices for dental practices: classic privately-owned practices and corporate dental offices (DSOs). In this article, we’ll explore the differences between the two and why choosing a dentist-owned practice like ours can have a positive impact on your overall dental experience and the local community.

The Local Connection: Trusting Your Dentist At dentist-owned practices, like ours, the supervising dentist is also the owner. This means that the decision-making process is entirely centered around you, the patient. Our dentists take the time to personally know you, understand your dental goals, and consider your individual health, insurance, and financial situation when recommending treatment options. Unlike corporate dental offices, which prioritize profits, our locally-based practice focuses on providing compassionate care and building trusting relationships within the Decatur community.

Quality of Care: Comparable Standards When it comes to clinical care, both corporate dental centers and privately-owned practices maintain similar standards. Dentists and hygienists in both settings have earned their DDS/DMD degrees or RDH certifications, ensuring a certain level of expertise. However, some dentists in corporate dental practices have voiced concerns about feeling pressured by their employers to offer costly treatments that might not be necessary. At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we believe in transparency and prioritize your well-being above all else.

Access and Convenience: Multiple Locations Just like your favorite local businesses with multiple locations, a dentist-owned practice can also have multiple dental offices to serve the community better. Our aspiration is to provide accessible and compassionate dental care to as many members of the Decatur community as possible. Having multiple locations enables us to reach more individuals and families, offering them the dental services they need without having to travel far.

Embracing Advancements: Equipped for Quality Care While corporate offices traditionally had the advantage of significant buying power for the latest equipment, advancements in technology have leveled the playing field. Privately-owned practices, including ours, now have access to leading-edge equipment to ensure the highest quality of care. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry allows us to offer you the best possible dental experience right here in Decatur.

Making the Right Choice for Your Smile When deciding between a corporate dental office and a dentist-owned practice, it ultimately comes down to what matters most to you. The personal touch, community involvement, and patient-centered approach that we, at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, offer can make a significant difference in your dental journey. We take pride in being active members of the Decatur community, just like you, and strive to be your trusted dental partner for years to come.


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