The Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants at Metro Decatur Dental Group

An illustration depicting the incredible benefits of dental implants at Metro Decatur Dental Group.

As the owner of Metro Decatur Dental Group, I understand that when it comes to dental care, patients often have numerous questions, especially when considering restorative treatments like dental implants. In this August blog post, we aim to address one of the most common inquiries we receive from patients in the Decatur, GA area and beyond.

Addressing Dental Insurance Coverage

Before delving into the exceptional advantages of dental implants, it’s crucial to tackle a significant concern patients often raise – whether dental implants from Metro Decatur Dental Group are covered by insurance. Unfortunately, most dental insurances do not include dental implants in their coverage. However, there may be some partial coverage available through dental and medical insurance plans, which can vary from patient to patient. It is essential to understand that while some may not view dental implants as necessary dental care, they play a vital role in maintaining healthy smiles for numerous adult patients.

At Metro Decatur Dental Group, we believe in transparency and will gladly assist you in checking your dental insurance coverage. Moreover, we offer a range of affordable payment options, including third-party financing and our in-house dental plan, to help you access the dental care you need.


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