Urgent Dental Care: We’re Here for You in Emergencies

Illustration of a dental clinic ready to provide emergency care to patients in Decatur, GA.

When unexpected dental incidents strike, seeking immediate care becomes paramount. At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we understand that dental emergencies can happen to anyone, even those who maintain excellent oral health. Whether it’s an injury, a pesky popcorn kernel mishap, or a mysterious toothache, rest assured that our dental clinic is fully prepared to assist you in your time of need.

Safety First: If you find yourself in a dental emergency that appears to be life-threatening, do not hesitate to contact emergency medical services right away. In the U.S. & Canada, dial 911; in the United Kingdom, call 999; and in Australia, reach out to 000 for immediate assistance.

Immediate Care During Clinic Hours: When a dental emergency arises during our regular clinic hours, you can count on us to accommodate you promptly. Contact us without delay, clearly indicating your pain and emergency situation, and we will ensure that our dedicated dentist is available to attend to you.

Emergency Dental Care Beyond Clinic Hours: Even if an emergency occurs outside our practice’s regular hours, don’t worry. Our phone answering service is here to receive your call and promptly notify the dentist. Rest assured that we will provide advice or arrange an urgent appointment at our office to address your situation.

Common Dental Emergencies: Injuries are among the most common reasons for dental emergencies, often resulting from sports-related incidents, falls, or accidents. If an injury poses a potential life-threatening situation, prioritize reaching out to emergency services before contacting us. For non-life-threatening injuries, contact our office immediately for expert guidance and prompt care.

Toothaches are another prevalent reason for seeking emergency dental care. They may arise from infections due to poor oral hygiene or develop as an abscess following a dental injury. For instance, if you took a tumble off your skateboard and later experience pain, seeking professional attention is crucial.

Cracked teeth or fillings can also lead to severe toothaches. Whether you’ve bitten down on a hard candy or encountered a stray bone during dinner, such incidents can cause unnoticed damage. If you suspect a cracked tooth, crown, or filling, it’s wise to contact us promptly to receive emergency dental care and prevent any potential complications.

Our Commitment to Decatur’s Dental Health: As an integral part of the Decatur, GA community, Metro Decatur Dental Group PC takes great pride in providing reliable and compassionate emergency dental care. Your well-being and dental health are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible care during times of distress.


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