The Value of Dental Insurance: How Metro Decatur Dental Group PC Helps You Save Money on a Healthy Smile

A group of happy people showcasing their healthy smiles after receiving dental care at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC.

Are you looking for ways to maintain a healthy smile while saving money? At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we understand the importance of affordable oral health care for the Decatur, GA community. As a compassionate and well-informed dental service provider, we believe in the value of preventive dental measures and how dental insurance can play a crucial role in achieving optimal oral health. Let’s explore how your dental insurance can help you invest in a beautiful smile without breaking the bank.

  • Schedule Regular Cleanings and Checkups Taking care of your teeth through brushing and flossing is vital, but it’s equally important to schedule regular dental cleanings and checkups. The American Dental Association recommends visits every 6 months to prevent dental issues. By investing in preventive care, you can avoid expensive emergency treatments and restorative procedures in the future. Studies have shown that every dollar spent on prevention can save up to $50 in emergency and restorative treatments. With your dental insurance, you have access to 100% preventive coverage, allowing you to have biannual dental visits with just a small co-payment.
  • Address Dental Issues Promptly If your dentist identifies any dental concerns during your checkup, don’t postpone treatment due to cost concerns. Ignoring a small issue like a cavity can lead to more extensive and expensive dental emergencies. With dental insurance, you can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for common restorative services. Once you meet your annual deductible, your insurance will cover 50% to 80% of the treatment costs, making it more affordable to address dental problems promptly.
  • Utilize In-Network Dentists for Extra Savings Your dental insurance provider will recommend dentists within their network, offering you more coverage for services. These dentists have pre-negotiated rates with the insurance company, resulting in cost savings for you. However, if you prefer a dentist outside the network, you can still use your coverage, although there may be some difference in fees, which you will need to cover.
  • Maximize Your Benefits Before Year-End Dental benefits are not indefinite; they typically reset at the end of each year. Any unused benefits do not carry over, meaning you could lose valuable coverage if you don’t utilize it. Shockingly, less than 3% of people exhaust their annual allowance, leading to hundreds or even thousands of dollars wasted. At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we encourage our patients to be proactive in using their dental benefits to their full extent, ensuring they get the most value from their insurance coverage.

No Dental Insurance? No Worries! At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we understand that not everyone has dental insurance. That’s why we offer alternative options to make dental care affordable for all. Join our in-house membership plan, and you’ll enjoy discounted rates on common services like cleanings and checkups.

Additionally, for out-of-pocket expenses, we offer convenient monthly payment plans through third-party financing companies like CareCredit. We believe everyone deserves access to quality dental care, regardless of their insurance status.

Meet Dr. Gary Simms – Your Trusted Decatur Dentist At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we take pride in our experienced team, led by Dr. Gary Simms. Dr. Simms holds a dental degree from a prestigious institution and continuously pursues advanced education in various dental specialties. He is committed to providing affordable dental services to the Decatur, GA community. In addition to accepting dental insurance, Dr. Simms offers an in-house savings plan, making dental care accessible to all. Contact our office today to request an appointment and start your journey towards a healthy, confident smile.


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