Protect Your Smile in the Game: The Importance of Mouthguards for Sports Enthusiasts

A protective mouthguard for sports enthusiasts.

Do you lead an active lifestyle and enjoy participating in sports during your leisure time? Engaging in physical activities is excellent for both your physical and mental well-being. However, it’s crucial to be aware that playing sports can also increase the risk of dental injuries. But don’t worry; there’s no need to avoid sports altogether out of fear. Your trusted Decatur, GA dental partner, Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, recommends the use of mouthguards to keep you safe while you’re in the game.

Understanding the Prevalence of Sports-Related Dental Injuries It’s estimated that around 36% of injuries among children and adolescents occur while playing sports. Out of these, dental injuries account for approximately 10-20%, as reported by the American Dental Association (ADA). Shockingly, athletes who don’t wear protective mouthguards are about 60 times more likely to experience teeth damage, according to the National Youth Sports Foundation. Neglecting to protect your smile with a mouthguard could lead to a dental emergency that no one wants to face.

The Essential Role of Mouthguards Thankfully, most dental injuries can be easily prevented by using a mouthguard. The American Dental Association strongly recommends the use of mouthguards for various sports, including but not limited to:

  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Martial Arts
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • Lacrosse
  • Skateboarding

Exploring the Different Types of Mouthguards When it comes to mouthguards, not all are created equal. There are three main types available:

  • Stock Mouthguards: These are widely available and cost-effective. However, they come in limited sizes and usually fit only over the top teeth, which might make them uncomfortable and less protective.
  • Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards: Found in drugstores, these mouthguards are relatively affordable. To customize the fit, the mouthguard must be boiled and then bitten down on to shape it.
  • Custom Mouthguards: The best option for optimal protection is to have a custom mouthguard created by your dentist. Custom mouthguards offer an excellent fit, superior comfort, and are less likely to dislodge accidentally.

Choose the Best Protection for Your Smile Rather than leaving the well-being of your smile to chance, consult with the experts at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC about getting a custom-fit mouthguard. With a customized mouthguard, you can confidently protect your teeth while giving your all in the game!

About the Author Dr. Gary Simms, the esteemed owner of Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, brings over two decades of experience as a dedicated dentist serving the Decatur, GA community. A proud member of reputable professional organizations like the American Dental Association and the Academy of Sports Dentistry, Dr. Simms is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. His commitment to dental excellence goes beyond local boundaries, as he has been certified as a team dentist, allowing him to serve various sports teams in the area and even volunteer for the U.S. Olympic team. For more information on custom-fit mouthguards or to schedule an appointment, visit Metro Decatur Dental Group PC’s website or call (404) 292-3133.


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