Insights into Wisdom Teeth: When Extraction Becomes Wise

Illustration of wisdom teeth and their potential impact on oral health.

When it comes to wisdom teeth, there’s no correlation between their presence and actual wisdom. While some fortunate individuals are born without these “third molars,” many of us develop four of them. However, due to impaction or overcrowding, wisdom teeth removal is a common recommendation. At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, located in Decatur, GA, we believe it’s crucial for our community to understand the significance of wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom teeth extraction is a widespread dental procedure, with over 90% of Americans undergoing the surgery. But why is it necessary to remove these late-blooming teeth? Can’t they just be left alone? While in some cases, they may not cause issues, there are valid reasons for their removal.

One primary reason for wisdom teeth removal is the lack of sufficient space in the mouth. When there isn’t enough room for these teeth to fully erupt, they may remain partially or entirely under the gum line. This condition increases the risk of impaction, where the teeth become trapped in the bone. To prevent this scenario, dental professionals often recommend their removal during our early teens.

If your wisdom teeth do become impacted, our compassionate dentists in Decatur, GA, will discuss whether extraction is appropriate. Even if they manage to break through the gums but lack sufficient room to fully erupt, they are known as partially impacted and are typically removed. Failing to address these issues could lead to more significant oral health problems in the future.

Apart from spacing issues, the location of wisdom teeth makes them challenging to care for properly. As a result, they are more susceptible to gum disease and cavities. Regular checkups at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC can help us monitor the condition of your wisdom teeth. If any signs of decay or disease are detected, extraction may be the most sensible solution to avoid further complications.

The decision to retain your wisdom teeth should be based on having adequate space, their overall health, and your ability to maintain proper oral care. If examinations at our Decatur dental office reveal any potential problems with your fully erupted or yet-to-erupt wisdom teeth, we will likely recommend their removal to preserve the best possible oral health for you.

At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we take pride in serving our valued patients in Decatur, GA, and the surrounding community with comprehensive dental care. Our commitment to your oral health extends to ensuring a thorough understanding of the importance of wisdom teeth extraction.


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