A New Smile Journey: Embracing Dentures for the First Time in Decatur, GA

A person smiling with confidence after getting dentures.

If you’re about to embark on the life-changing journey of getting your first set of dentures, you’re in for a positive transformation! Deciding to replace missing teeth with dentures opens up the opportunity to smile naturally and savor your favorite foods again. To help you prepare for this exciting transition, let’s delve into the process of getting dentures, what to anticipate, and how it relates to our wonderful community in Decatur, GA.

The Path to Your New Smile Upon deciding with your caring dentist that dentures are the ideal solution for you, the treatment planning phase commences. If any remaining teeth are present in the jaw where you’ll receive the dentures, your dentist might recommend removing them. Afterward, an impression of your gums will be taken to create a model of your mouth, forming the foundation for the dentures. A wax model of the dentures allows for a test of their appearance and fit.

Choosing the Perfect Fit and Look During the planning process, you’ll have an engaging discussion with your dentist about the color and materials for your dentures. Nowadays, most dentures are crafted from acrylic, plastic, and occasionally porcelain. The denture base, resembling gums, is typically made from acrylic and can be customized to match the color of your gums. The denture teeth are commonly made from plastic, though porcelain is an option for a higher cost.

Ensuring a Comfortable Fit Your dentist will have you try on mock-up models of your dentures to assess their fit and appearance. Once satisfied, the final dentures will be cast with the agreed colors. You’ll then return to the dentist for the final fitting, during which any necessary adjustments to the fit will be made.

Adapting to Dentures As with any significant change in your oral health, dentures may feel unfamiliar at first. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience increased saliva flow during the initial days or weeks of wearing dentures. Speaking and eating may require some adjustment as well. Start by consuming softer foods cut into smaller pieces and gradually progress to tougher items as your chewing skills improve.


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