Adult Braces: The Path to a Brighter Smile

A person smiling confidently after getting adult braces.

Are adult braces the right thing for you? While braces have long been considered a rite of passage for kids, a growing number of adults are now embracing orthodontic treatments to achieve straighter teeth, correct their bites, and enhance their smiles. Metro Decatur Dental Group PC has witnessed a rising popularity in adult orthodontics, with cutting-edge options making braces inconspicuous and comfortable. If you’re contemplating getting braces as an adult, allow us, the compassionate dental experts at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, to guide you through the essentials.

The Power of Adult Braces

The trend of adult orthodontics is on the upswing, with a 2014 survey from the American Association of Orthodontists revealing that nearly 1.5 million adults sought orthodontic treatment in the U.S. and Canada. In Decatur, GA, this is no exception, as we see a considerable number of adult patients choosing braces for cosmetic reasons. Thanks to advancements in technology, like clear brackets and less noticeable options, adults now feel more at ease with the idea of braces, blending aesthetics with function seamlessly.

Enhancing Your Smile: Form Follows Function

At Metro Decatur Dental Group PC, we understand that a beautiful smile goes beyond aesthetics. Straightened teeth are easier to clean, leaving no room for those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that can lead to oral health issues. Our patients have experienced a myriad of benefits from adult braces, even beyond mere appearance. For some, braces serve functional purposes, addressing missing teeth or creating space for implants, acting as a foundation for future prosthetic work.

A Life-Changing Journey: One Patient’s Story

Stephanie Kern, a 47-year-old attorney from Wise County, Virginia, is a living testament to the transformative power of adult braces. Troubled by crooked back teeth that caused discomfort and jaw issues, Stephanie’s journey led her to Metro Decatur Dental Group PC. With metal braces in place since January, she has embraced the process, finding relief from soreness and joy in her evolving smile. Stephanie’s case exemplifies how adult braces can make a profound difference, not just in appearance but also in overall oral health and well-being.

Embracing the Options: What’s Right for You?

Metro Decatur Dental Group PC offers a range of brace options tailored to individual needs:

  • Metal Braces: The time-tested stainless steel braces are ideal for more complex cases, as their smaller size allows them to fit into tighter spaces.
  • Clear or Tooth-Colored Braces: Also known as ceramic braces, these offer a less conspicuous alternative while still being effective. Patients should be mindful of potential staining.
  • Invisalign or Clear Aligners: For those seeking virtually invisible solutions, these removable aligners provide flexibility but require diligent maintenance.
  • Lingual Braces: Placed on the inner side of the teeth, these are an excellent option for those who prefer braces to be less visible but require more than Invisalign can offer.
  • Gold Braces: A bold choice for those who fully embrace their braces, often favored by teens for their flashy appearance.

Adult Braces: Beyond Childhood Memories

While braces may evoke childhood memories, adult treatment can present unique challenges. The team at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC ensures careful assessment of your oral health and collaborates with your general dentist to address any issues before starting your braces journey. Technological advancements, such as digital X-ray technology, have revolutionized the process, reducing radiation exposure and eliminating the need for traditional dental impressions.

Embrace the Future: Retainers for Life

After braces, maintaining your newly achieved smile is vital. Metro Decatur Dental Group PC recommends retainers for life to prevent any relapse. Regular use of retainers, especially in the initial years, ensures a lasting, beautiful smile.

Choose an Orthodontic Specialist

As you embark on your adult braces journey, it’s essential to consult an orthodontic specialist like us at Metro Decatur Dental Group PC. Our extensive training and experience enable us to diagnose and treat adult cases with precision, ensuring exceptional results and lasting oral health.


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